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Photo Albums with down-loadable pictures

The pictures containtained in these albums are of the highest resolution in my library. To down load a picture: after clicking on the thumbnail, right click and select save picture as (assign new file name if desired) and click on save. The picture file will be saved to your hard drive usually in the My Pictures folder on MS Windows systems. For a larger file copy suitable for printing, email a request with detail of album and photo file name to Bob.

Mostly Lauren A collection of Photos from files designated Mostly Lauren
Mostly Megan A collection of Photos from files designated Mostly Megan
Mostly Kathi Just some photos that were in a file called Kathi's
Mostly Bob's Some photos from Bob's Road Trips and just some of his favorites
Portraits Bob's family posed, portrait quality pictures
Family Trips Selections from Bob's family trips local and distant
Mostly FitzPatricks Photos from encounters of the third kind with the FitzPatricks
Mostly JV Ranks These are photos about the loving parents and the wicked step-brothers that adopted and raised Bob
Friends A photo gallery of some of our friends in no particular order and missing a whole lot of friends
The photo album above this point were a part of the original website loading in 2008, while the albums below this point are more specific event since the initial site setup sorted with most recent collection first.
Christmas 2015 Our Family Christmas 2015 -- feat. "LUCY" Old
Sept 8, 2013 The Fitz-Ranks BBQ in HB Old
August 25, 2013 Joe Ranks come to Huntington Beach Old
August 18, 2013 The Rank/Carmichael LA River walk photos Old
July 6 - 15, 2013 Road Trip 2013 -- Cleveland & Back to visit dying Navy buddy, Mike Almasy Old
4th July 2013 Some of my favorites of people I know & don't know Old
St Patrick's 2013 St. Patricks Day 2013 with the San Diego Fitzs Old
1962 School Bob's 1962, 9th Grade, Jr. High School Annual - to allow for close up zooms, the pictures are very large and could take minutes to download.