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A collection of MUSIC Bob likes

Some of this music is what my parents played that I appreciated. But most, although from their period, are recordings I just like, but can't really say I heard way back when ...
This is the music I learned mostly from having older brothers around. This period was also the advent of Rock-n-Roll derived from R&B - that negro music I learned to love.
This is the period in time, when I developed my own sense of music. These are some of the recordings I remember from my Junior High days: sock hops mostly, but also some that I bought -- like the folk music.


A lot of the music here was played at the Friday Nighter's dances. Some of it I played on the record player I had in my "Low Rider" automobile, and while some were released before I was in high school, they remind me of those days.
High School
These are some of the songs that remind me of my time in the service where at sea or in a bar music was the main entertainment. I can still place myself exactly in boot camp, aboard ship, in Vietnam, and/or in which bar for each song.
Navy Days
These highlights of my 1970s (post Navy, college, early marriage, beginning a career) days are all music rich memories. This is also when real home audio equipment came of age -- I came home from the service with the best audio toys.
High School
In the 1980s children's music often filled the house, but we also listened to a lot of our own music while playing Candy Land or while commuting and at work. These are some of the songs I remember from the 80s.
High School
In the 90s I was teaching. My commute was only a mile. I didn't listen to music while working. The kids were playing their own music around the house. So, I don't have much in the way of my own favorites and I can't really distinguish the 90s from 2000s so this is just a big mish-mash of familiar music thru 2009..